A couple of weeks back M and I were playing with her blocks, we were making different shapes and clapping for ourselves. M soon (read in 5 mins) got bored and started biting a block. So i took it away from her and and told her not to do it. To which she promptly said “Gup” which means shut up in Marathi. I was completely taken aback as I didnt even know that she knew that word!

The conversation that followed went on like this-

Me: M did you just say Gup?

M: Hmm.. giggling

Me: M you dont say gup to aai ok?

M: Hmm

Me:You understand me right? (wondering if she is old enough to understand)

M: Hmm

Just then my phone beeped and as I was reading the message M lightly tapped me. When I looked at her she softly said “Aai no gup”.

And my heart melted….